How to Cold Brew Tea

Cold brewing loose leaf tea for iced tea is simple. Since it is steeped with cold water instead of boiling water, the risk of over-brewing your tea is minimal. Cold brew tea provides less tannin, less caffeine and the overall taste will be much sweeter. We add tea, filtered water and let it sit for at least 12 hours in the refrigerator. We suggest a full day of brewing for optimal flavor. You can also choose to start the infusion at room temperature for an hour and then store it in the refrigerator.

Enjoy your cold brew right out of the bottle.

Step 1

Weigh out 8 grams of tea.

Step 2

Remove the top of the Hario cold brew tea bottle and add the tea to the glass.

Step 3

Fill bottle with 750ml of cold filtered water. Attach the top of glass bottle (built-in filter & lid) to the base. Swirl gently.

Step 4

Let it brew in the refrigerator for 24 hours. The tea leaves should be expanded by now.

Step 5

Before pouring, shake gently, open spout, and pour into a glass. Ice is optional. Simply put the bottle back into the fridge until your next refill. It will last for 3-4 days in the fridge.

Enjoy your cold brew tea.

Feel free to re-steep for another round of cold brew. We suggest at least 36 hours for the 2nd infusion.