Our mission



Company Profile

Comprehensive professional services with 40 years of experience

Founded in 1978, SANBAOTEA is committed to promoting Taiwan's tea culture for more than 40 years. It upholds the core values of " Professional, Honesty, Efficiency, Warmth and Innovation" to provide customers with comprehensive and integrated services.

Customer-oriented & personnel training emphasized

SANBAOTEA is customer-oriented and committed to providing customers with considerate service quality. We treat our employees as company assets and encourage them via internal and external training courses to help them develop secondary skills and professions. We grow together with our employees. Create a sense of mission, develop a common goal, build strong believes to our product quality and caring services so that our customers feel they are highly valued.

Professional certification from domestic and international throughout strict quality control

SANBAOTEA has passed international certifications such as SGS; therefore, you can buy and enjoy our tea with assurance. we have invested a lot in upgrading the machinery and equipment to even more strictly control the product quality. Through personnel training and hardware equipment upgrade, we will continue to develop new products to fulfill and motivate our customers' needs.

Committed to promoting Taiwan's tea culture

SANBAOTEA is the best company that can represent tea culture in Taiwan. It is our mission to endlessly promote teain every corner of the world and make it a famous drink. We sincerely invite you to join hands to promote Taiwan's tea culture to the world, so that more people can enjoy this authentic drink from Taiwan.